Decowood of Greenlam Industries Ltd.

Decowood, a brand of Greenlam Industries made from some of the finest species of wood sourced from around the world. Decowood is India’s largest selling wood veneer brand which offers wide collection of veneers, comprising over 200 treasured wood species, including oak and mahogany. Decowood offers world’s most exotic decorative veneers backed by fine craftsmanship & artistic skills. Decowood, backed by a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rajasthan have many attributes that make Decowood a trusted name for decorative veneer sheets in India.
1. International Quality Standards.
2. ISO-Certified Brand.
3. Extensive Array of Options.
4. Largest Manufacturing Facility in India.
5. FSC certification — A Green Conscience. A Clean Conscience.

Decowood products are available in many variants like Ply, MDF, laminated veneer and fleece back.

Product Sheet Size:
Apart from the standard sheet size of 4×8, Decowood offers specialized dimension like 4×10; 3×7 for door and paneling applications.

Product Specifications
Thickness: 4mm

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