Plaza Film face shuttering plywood
Film face shuttering plywood is manufactured from veneers of critically chosen hardwoods. It is bonded with high quality liquid phenol formaldehyde synthetic resins manufactured confirming to IS: 499 pressed with thermal setting hot press and treated with special quality preservatives. This unique process makes it ideally suitable for railing, screw holding, heat resistance and hardness property to bear all the toughest conditions. This product is having strong load bearing capacity, which prevents swelling during shuttering works. With a sturdy body, these handle the load of concrete quite well. Gives maximum number of repetitions& withstands the corrosive action of cement, water, sunlight and other external conditions. It is easy to maintain.

Product Specifications
12 MM [ 24, 30, 34 KG ] 18 MM [45, 50 KG], 25 MM [72 KG], Standard Size 34 KG

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