Tensor Grip

TensorGrip® 701 is a super strong contact adhesive with very high initial grab. It is a versatile adhesive that is compatable with many common substrates. TensorGrip® 701 is formulated for performance in high heat environments or where very high strength is required.
TensorGrip® 53 is an all round contact adhesive that performs many tasks. TensorGrip® 53 is specially formulated to be very low in VOCs so as to be compliant with strict californian codes. It is also formulated to be compatible with most rubber based substrates.
Tensor Grip® X40 is developed in conjunction with the acoustic industry for all acoustic panel bonding applications. Tensor GripX40 is a fast drying contact adhesive, suitable for all types of acoustic panel installation and applications including in-house and on-site bonding processes.

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