Gold Tuff

Gold tuff is the ultimate choice in Marine as well as PMR Grade Hardwood Plywood. It is chemically treated with permanent preservatives through vacuum pressure impregnation and adheres conforming to IS 710 (1976) reaffirmed 1994 for Marine Grade & IS 303 for PMR Grade. It is totally resistant to fungi, termites, marine borers and other wood destroying organisms.

Gold Tuff is considered No 1 block board due to its superior quality and durability. Gold Tuff block boards are double pressed to ensure a smooth wrap free surface and are also free from corrugation and gaps, establishing itself as the finest quality block board in India. Gold Tuff is dimensionally stable and made from kiln dried seasoned timber that can resist termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Gold Tuff is available in both BWP and MR grade Conforming to IS: 1659 (2004).

Gold Tuff Flush Doors are manufactured from specifically selected & well seasoned timber. The solid Flush Door core is framed with seasoned wood battens and strengthened by a layer of cross-bands. Face veneers encompass both sides of the core. All these are bonded at high pressure and temperature with phenol formaldehyde resin and permanent type preservatives, under the cross-bonding process Conforming to IS: 2202 (Part-1) – 1999.

Product Specifications
19 & 25 mm in Block Board. 25, 30 & 35 mm in Flush Doors

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