Exterior Panel Products

Exterior Grade Products ranging from Breeze and Terrra Blocks to Stone Veneers to Wall Cladding provide elegance as well as strength to outdoor spaces.

Backlit Panels

Backlit panels are innovative light sources that emit a soft and uniform glow, creating a visually appealing ambiance for various applications. Trusted Brands are Deconyx, Euro Pratik and Decmore.


Louvers made of Charcoal, Bamboo Fibre, WPC, PVC are easy-to-install and offer an aesthetic appeal to all interior spaces. Trusted Brands are Uro Decor, Signature, Euro Pratik, Maria Decor, Puno and Monoso.

Charcoal and HDF Mouldings

Charcoal and HDF mouldings offer a sophisticated blend of style and durability for elegant interior design.

CREDO Planters

CREDO Designer planters are elegant and contemporary containers that combine functionality and aesthetics, perfect for elevating the ambiance of indoor and outdoor spaces while showcasing greenery in a sophisticated manner.

Artificial Grass and Green Wall

Artificial grass and green walls are low-maintenance landscaping alternatives that bring the beauty of nature indoors and outdoors, transforming spaces with their lush, evergreen appearance.

WPC Boards and Door Frames

Black Cobra’s WPC boards and door frames combine the best of wood and plastic to offer sustainable and durable solutions for your home.

HDF and MDF Decorative Panels

HDF and MDF decorative panels are durable, cost-effective solutions for interior design, providing a wide array of customizable options to elevate the aesthetics of any space.

Fabric, Jute, Leather and Cork Sheets

Fabric, jute, leather, and cork sheets are versatile materials widely used in crafts and DIY projects, offering a range of textures and natural appeal for creative applications.

Plywood I Block Boards I Flush Doors(100% BWP)

Greenpanel, Pacific, Volvo, Black Cobra, Globe, Pancham, Piccaso and several other brands providing high-quality core ply, board, and doors that are waterproof.

Plywood I Block Boards I Flush Doors(BMR-BWR)

Greenpanel, Pacific, Volvo, Black Cobra, Globe, Pancham, Piccaso and several other brands providing high-quality core ply, board, and doors that are waterproof.

Decorative Veneers

Decowood, Legend, and Piccaso are reputable brands known for their exquisite veneer collections. These brands offer a wide variety of veneers, ranging from classic to contemporary designs, with impeccable craftsmanship and stunning natural wood grain

Other Decorative Products

Huge variety of innovative and decorative products such as Mosaics, Cane Webbing, Acoustic Panels, Wall Panels, Birch Ply, Composite Marble Panels, Metal Sheets, Semi-Precious Stones and many more. Trusted and reputed

Laminates & Door Skins

Brown Paper, GL, Generic, Galav Agro, Surfica, Segments, and Abhiyan are trusted brands renowned for their high-quality sunmica and door skin offerings. These brands provide a wide range of options, including diverse colors,

PVC and Acrylic Laminates

Berga, Adox, Acrymica, Alutech Euro Pratik, and Maria Decor are reputable brands offering a wide selection of PVC and Acrylic laminates. These laminates boast a combination of durability, aesthetic appeal, and versatility.

Wooden and Deck Flooring

EGO, Action Tesa, Greenpanel, and Zare are renowned brands offering exceptional wooden and vinyl flooring options. Their collections feature a wide range of designs, textures, and finishes.

PVC Edge Band Tape

Edge Plus is our leading brand offering high-quality PVC edge bending tapes that excel in both performance and aesthetics. These tapes provide seamless and durable edging solutions for various surfaces.

MDF - Plain & Pre-Laminated

GreenPanel, Century, Action Tesa, Pioneer, and other renowned brands offer a wide range of MDF options, including plain and pre-laminated variants.

Particle Boards - Plain & Pre-laminated

Treelogy, Rotolam, and Action Tesa are reputable brands that offer reliable and sturdy particle boards, perfect for various applications. These boards are manufactured with precision, using high-quality wood particles and adhesive, ensuring excellent strength.

Film Face Shuttering Plywood/ Chequered Plywood/ Truck Flooring

Black Cobra, Gold Tuff, Piccaso, Kangaroo, and Plaza are trusted brands known for their high-quality shuttering and chequered ply options. These brands offer reliable and sturdy plywood products designed specifically for

Cement Boards & Cement Planks

Ramco’s cement boards and planks provide reliable strength and resilience for versatile construction applications.

Acrylic Solid Surface Sheets

Granex and TriStone are renowned brands offering premium acrylic solid surface materials like Corian, known for their exceptional quality and versatility. These brands provide a wide range of color options, seamless designs, and superior durability.

Floor & Furniture Protection Sheets

Cello Bubble Guard presents floor and furniture protection sheets that are both reliable and versatile. These sheets provide excellent cushioning and impact resistance, safeguarding floors and furniture against scratches.

Furniture Adhesive

Nerofix, Euro Pratik, Tensor Grip and Berga PVC Glue are trusted brands known for their high-quality furniture adhesives, ensuring strong and long-lasting bonds for seamless furniture assembly.

Ready To Use Doors - Laminated / Veneered

Ready-to-use doors offer convenience and efficiency with their pre-finished veneered surfaces, providing a touch of elegance and natural beauty. Laminated ready-to-use doors combine durability and versatility.

Charcoal Sheets

Euro Pratik and Maria Decor’s charcoal sheets infuse modern spaces with a touch of elegance and contemporary charm.

Other Ventures

We are also involved into Plywood manufacturing, Kraft Paper manufacturing & franchise of Ekam Yoga.