Now these days it is a well known fact that projects with emphasis on overall economy often force Architects and Interior Designers to work within the constraints of a tight budget, while safeguarding their reputation with respect to achieve quality and workmanship.
PAYAL “Naya Daur ka Naya Plywood” provides irresistible advantages of guaranteed plywood at affordable prices to meet the above said challenge.

1. Excellent seasoned raw material used.
2. Effective treatment with preservative chemicals, which imparts durability against wood boring beetles and termites, leading to guaranteed freedom from powder menace.
3. Bonded with Moisture resistant Urea formaldehyde synthetic resin, conforming to BWR grade is used in accordance to IS: 303.

Thickness : 6, 9, 12, 16, & 19, (25 MM-Make to order).
Grade : BWR/MR – All Poplar, Gurjan Face.
Size : 2440 x 1220 MM, 2440 x 920 MM, 2140 x 1220 MM, 2140 x 920 MM, 1840 x 1220 MM,1840 x 920 MM

The most durable Block Board with trusted quality & ideal for big projects, offering to users the assurance of enduring quality and guaranteed performance at highly affordable prices.

Thickness : 19 MM
Size : Available in all standard sizes.
Range : Poplar Single Core & Poplar Double Core.
Pine Single Core & Pine Double Core.
Grade : BWR/MR (for other grades, please refer to us).

1. Use of selected eco-friendly hardwood veneers on the face.
2. Bonded with moisture resistant synthetic resin.
3. Effective treatment with preservative chemicals.
4. Guarantee against borer attack.
5. Conforms to IS: 303.

Ideal for big projects!

“naya Daur ka naya Flush Door”
Payal Flush Doors are modern, elegant and ready to use that can be easily installed with minimum efforts to protect and beautify your dream home. They are made out of high quality wood to make them exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable with excellent tooling and finishing properties. Obviously, the doors are made with chemically treated seasoned Poplar wood battens and Pine wood frames. The cross bands veneers are uniformly dried to the requisite moisture content. They are then bonded with special quality Urea Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin as per the guidelines of IS: 2202. Payal Flush Doors are treated for total termite and borer protection. The flush doors are manufactured under strict quality control conditions that exceed the ISI specifications. The doors can be manufactured according to customized sizes too.

Type : Pine Framed, Poplar Filled & Triple Core
Thickness : 25 & 30 MM (for other thicknesses, please refer to us).
Grade : BWR/MR (for other grades, please refer to us).
Size : Available in length (Inch): 72, 75, 78, 81, & 84.
Available in Width (Inch): 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45 & 48.

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